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About our team – we are well organised to provide you with the best web solutions in the least amount of time. We bring together everything that’s required to develop a successful web project.

Our unique business model has always embraced remote working, which boosts our efficiency and speed, making us much more flexible.

“We have formed an excellent team of ambitious and hard-working professionals who are thrilled to challenge themselves in order to deliver an excellent result for our clients.

Through these challenges we see development and growth of our clients’ business as well as the improvement of the skills of our specialists.”

Pauls Bee Web project manager

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Our team works just like bees!


Each professional in our team has his or her specific role where that person excels. Just like bees!


Nobody is perfect. However, we strive to deliver results as close to perfection as possible to each and every client.


Our team works effectively to deliver the best result in the shortest amount of time.

Company Overview

Simple. Strategic. Smart. effective.


Our aim is to deliver simple and cost-effective solutions to boost your company’s performance. We help companies all over the world reach their online sales and presence goals by using modern and effective tools, as well as our team’s world-class experience and competences.

How can we offer competitive prices and excellent results?

We feel that giving freedom to our team to manage their time positively affects the achieved results. Just like a bee colony – each professional at Bee Web is in control of his task while working perfectly together with the rest of the team. Most of our team works remotely since all of them are mature professionals who don’t need a babysitter to help them to fulfil their tasks.

Are we a good match?

Whether you are looking to improve your current web project or you plan to build a new one, our team is ready to help you! Let us know about your company’s challenges and business goals! We will be delighted to propose the most advanced digital solutions to achieve them!

Located in Riga, Latvia and elsewhere in the world

Even though most of our team members are located in Riga, Latvia, a large part of our team is located throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. This allows us to serve and help clients from all over the world. It also allows us to learn from our teammates living on the other side of the world and use this information to bring something new to our clients.

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